Fire Extinguishers

CO2, Foam, Powder, and Water extinguishers, from as little as £9.05!

Type 3 Fire Hose

Supplied in 23m lengths, uncoupled or coupled assembly, tested and certified with either British standard 2½ inch instantaneous light alloy or gunmetal couplings or Storz light alloy couplings.



Dry Riser Equipment

Dry riser landing valves, horizontal and bib-nosed variations.

Dry riser breeching valves, available 2-way and 4-way.

Now Supplying Loose Couplings

Designed for use with layflat hose, including fire hose, supplied in pairs (male and female), and in various diameters. Our light alloy and gunmetal British instantaneous couplings are to BS336.

From £12

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